Clinical Work

First and foremost, I focus on creating a safe, confidential, respectful space where you can access support, understanding, and, ultimately, growth. During a difficult time, it is very important to have someone listen to you and provide appropriate feedback. This is often more useful when it is someone who is caring and invested in your well-being, but who is also more objective than others in your life might be able to manage.

Through a therapeutic relationship, people can heal and grow. Within that relationship, I can help you pay attention to how your life and current well-being are impacted by your past as well as the context in which you live and have developed.

My goal is to create an environment in which we work together to create mutual understanding of your particular experience. Through this understanding, people often become empowered to impact their environments in new ways. By working with your existing strengths and weaknesses, together we can help you understand and address areas in your life that are not working as well as you would like.